The Food Radio Project is a prototype of a podcast network that will focus on the food system in India, from seed to landfill.

Developed as a master’s thesis project at New York University, the pilot episodes bring together voices from the grassroots, academia and policy arenas to offer a preliminary insight into four current issues of food and resource use in India. They were constructed from a series of Skype interviews over the course of Spring 2016.

The Food Radio Project aims to revitalise public discourse on food and agriculture in India, while serving as a new media platform for journalists to examine the culture, politics, economics and environmental impact of the country’s food system. It is expected to launch later this year.

In the meantime, look out for our updates on Twitter @Food_Radio, email us your pitches for podcasts or get in touch to say hello at


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Amrita Gupta is a journalist currently living in New York. A former food & drink editor at Time Out Bangalore, assistant editor at BBC Good Food India and Julia Child Foundation fellow at Lucky Peach, her work has also appeared in Mint Lounge, Motherland, Food Tank and Heritage Radio Network.

While completing her degree in Food Studies at New York University, Amrita developed an interest in multimedia reporting. With the Food Radio Project, she is exploring audio storytelling as a contemporary alternative to the written word.





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